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5 best hitman games from Worst to Best

Hi everyone, We bring you the best 5 best hitman games where you can experience stealth assassins. You need to have good planning and patience to hunt your target in these games. You will have many opportunities to hunt targets and it will always be amazing and fun for you. And here is the list of best hitman games where you can experience like you are in a hitman movie

Which are the best hitman games to play?

Hitman Sniper (mobile game) [free]

4.1/5 (play store)

best hitman games-Hitman Sniper

 You could believe that Hitman: Sniper, the mobile game in the Hitman series, isn’t as good as the others. You can play it on your phone, but can it hold a candle to the real thing? What you need to know is that, despite having a slightly different style and format from the other games, Hitman: Sniper still has some fantastic gameplay. As a sniper, your goal is to locate concealed targets in a range of thrilling levels. Higher difficulty levels and more potent sniper guns become available as you advance. In addition, there are numerous original tasks every day. Thus, even if this game is a little different from the others, it is still a lot of fun! 

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Hitman Absolution

9/10 (steam)

The second is Hitman Absolution. With its attempt to add a cinematic plot to the mix, this one upset the franchise. Everyone will like it thanks to the amazing levels and intriguing play mechanics, and the Contracts mode offers a tone of replay value. 

Story Mode: 

The story mode was intense and character-driven, even if it wasn’t necessarily what we’d come to expect from a Hitman game—it had some over-the-top set pieces and some truly memorable assassination opportunities.

Challenge Mode:

The “Challenge” mode is an additional option to the main story mode that gives you particular objectives—like killing someone covertly—in a variety of inventive methods. Even though the gameplay wasn’t as fascinating as the main story mode, it offered an interesting perspective on how missions might proceed.

It doesn’t matter what kind of fan you are or how much time you want to spend delving into Absolution’s plot and gameplay; it still belongs to the top 5 Hitman games, if not the absolute top.

Hitman 1, 2, and 3

8/10 (IMDB), ⭐9/10 (steam), ⭐9/10 (steam)

HITMAN 2-best hitman games
HITMAN 2-best hitman games

The Hitman series had been virtually forgotten by players for a long time. Then, in 2016, Hitman was given a complete makeover in the form of the rebooted game Hitman (2016), rising from the ashes. Agent 47 came back to our consoles at that point. With the release of an interactive tutorial to educate players on the fundamentals and other things, Hitman (2016) brought us a more approachable and user-friendly version of the game.

The updated game was favorably received by the gaming community and was followed by Hitman 2 (2018), which added new gameplay aspects, complicated levels, and alternative targets to assassinate to further develop the plot and characters. The third and final game in the trilogy, Hitman 3 (2021), takes everything fans of the rebooted series enjoyed and raises the bar even higher. The graphics are breathtaking, there are dynamically destructible objects you can use to your advantage, and more information about Agent 47’s past has been revealed.

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Hitman Contracts

9/10 (steam)

Hitman Contracts is the fourth and final game in our list of the top Hitman titles. The characters and settings from the first two Hitman games, Hitman: Codename 47 and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, are referenced in this game. The game is a combination of the two, offering even seasoned gamers an intriguing challenge thanks to new graphics, enhanced enemy AI, and more complex mission objectives.

Some of the most recognizable levels from the series, like Air Force One, Asylum Aftermath, and The Lee Hong Assassination, may be found in Contracts. Throwing knives and the “Lupara” shotgun is only a couple of the unusual weaponry available in the game. Level design, polished gameplay, clear mission goals, and Contracts’ evocative soundtrack have all received praise.

Hitman Go [free]

4.6/5 (playstore)

Hitman Go android gameplay

Let’s begin at the bottom of our rating list with Hitman Go, which came in at number 5. Hitman Go is the ideal entry point if you don’t have a powerful gaming system or don’t want to invest countless hours into mastering a deep shooter game. In this smartphone game, you play as the renowned Agent 47 and progress through a series of seemingly turn-based levels to complete your mission and eliminate targets.

If you’re just getting started and don’t have time for a full game, Hitman Go is a great way to explore the Hitman universe. It’s more like a strategy game than an open-world shooter like Absolution, and there are tons of riddles to keep your brain engaged and keep you playing! Additionally, it looks stunning, so you can anticipate stunning visuals as you complete various tasks whether you play on a small device or a large screen.

Frequently Asked Question

Which Hitman game is the longest?

The longest game in the series, Hitman 2, has some of the most enjoyable stages. You have countless options to create the ideal strategy and eliminate your target thanks to the game’s over 40 missions and five sandbox levels. Additionally, if you want a challenge, you can try to take out every target covertly.

What is the shortest hitman game?

Hitman: Contracts (2004) – 13 Hours

Hitman: Contracts (2004) is ranked third among the top Hitman games. Although it is a well-liked installment in the series, what makes it unique from the others is that it is not as long as the others. Even after investigating every nook and cranny, it only takes roughly 13 hours to complete.

This could appear to be a drawback at first, but Contracts offer a special challenge for players seeking a change from the standard formula. It features numerous missions that are sinister, compelling, and unlike anything else ever seen. It has a lot of intriguing goals, people, and backstories.

This game’s usage of various lighting throughout the levels, which helps build the tone for each objective, is an intriguing addition. This version introduces a number of new weapons, which adds to the excitement of the navigation.

Contracts might be your go-to game if you’re searching for something shorter than Hitman 1, 2, or 3, as its complexity makes it extremely replayable without being too taxing or time-consuming.

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