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Best 10 FREE tactical games like igi for android

Hi everyone !, Are you looking for Android experiences that are similar to tactical games like IGI (Project IGI: I’m Going In)? Look nowhere else! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 free tactical games like igi for android in this article to sate your craving for sneaky gameplay, accurate shooting, and strategic gameplay. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to the genre, these games are sure to keep you entertained for hours while also pumping your adrenaline. Let’s start now!

About the IGI PC Game: 

Let’s pause to appreciate the venerable IGI PC game before looking at the alternatives. The immersive plot, lifelike graphics, and demanding missions of Innerloop Studios‘ IGI helped it become a gaming phenomenon. You play a covert operative tasked with infiltrating enemy bases, eliminating threats, and achieving several goals. IGI created the genre of tactical shooter games and is still adored by players everywhere.

Now, let’s move on to the exciting part 

The best 10 free tactical games like igi for android:

10. Battle of Bullet: Offline Game

Battle-Of-Bullet-games like igi for android
Battle-Of-Bullet-games like igi for android

In Battle of Bullet, you can play as an elite commando and enjoy an exhilarating offline gaming experience. Take part in intense combat, carry out sneaky takedowns, and finish many missions in various environments. Fans of tactical shooters should give the game a try thanks to its realistic graphics and easy controls.

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9. Mission IGI FPS Shooting Game

The immersive gameplay of the Mission IGI FPS Shooting Game features difficult missions and authentic settings. To accomplish goals, use your strategic abilities, aim precisely, and eliminate enemies. You’ll be hooked for hours thanks to the game’s action-packed levels and a captivating plot.

8. SWAT Sniper FPS Gun Game

SWAT Sniper FPS Gun Game gameplay

 Your goal as a proficient sniper in the SWAT Sniper FPS Gun Game is to eliminate recognizable targets covertly and with accuracy. There are numerous sniper rifles available in the game, and the missions are exciting and call for careful preparation and execution. Prepare to display your sniper prowess in this captivating tactical shooter.

7. Secret Mission of IGI Commando

Set out on a clandestine mission as an IGI commando and fight fiercely against terrorists. This game offers a realistic tactical experience with a variety of weapons at your disposal, stealthy approaches, and well-designed levels. Fulfill missions, free hostages, and enforce the law on the battlefield.

6. Secret Call of IGI Commando

Secret-Call-Of-IGI-Commando-games like igi for android
Secret-Call-Of-IGI-Commando-games like igi for android

The immersive gameplay in Secret Call of IGI Commando focuses on stealth and strategy. covert operations to infiltrate enemy bases, gather intelligence, and eliminate threats. The game is a worthy addition to your gaming collection thanks to its realistic visuals, difficult missions, and easy controls.

5. Call of IGI Commando

You embark on an action-packed journey with difficult missions in Call of IGI Commando. As an IGI commando, you’ll have to contend with a variety of foes and challenges as you work to accomplish your goals. For fans of tactical games, the game’s dynamic gameplay, realistic sound effects, and a compelling plot make it an exciting option.

4. IGI FPS Shooting Offline Games

The collection of thrilling missions and intense gunfights available in IGI FPS Shooting Offline Games is impressive. Use cover, engage in strategic combat, and eliminate opponents precisely. The game offers a satisfying tactical gaming experience thanks to its varied environments, difficult AI, and easy controls.

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3. IGI Commando Adventure Mission

IGI-Commando-Adventure-Missions-games like igi for android
IGI-Commando-Adventure-Missions-games like igi for android

You will put yourself in the position of a competent commando on a mission to neutralize terrorist threats in the IGI Commando Adventure Mission. You must maneuver through hostile environments, gather intelligence, and neutralize enemy forces while using a variety of weapons and equipment. The game is a great option for fans of tactical action due to its captivating gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and difficult missions.

2. Commando Secret Mission Game

Secret Commando Mission You’ll be on the edge of your seat while playing this game because of its gripping plot and action-packed gameplay. You’ll perform covert missions, free hostages, and fight in ferocious firefights as a commando. This game offers an exhilarating tactical experience with its realistic graphics, simple controls, and variety of missions.

1. Cover Fire: Fun Shooting Games

Fast-paced shooting action and tactical gameplay are combined in Cover Fire. In epic battles with strong foes, command a group of talented mercenaries. Fans of tactical shooters will enjoy the thrilling experience that Cover Fire offers with its stunning graphics, dynamic environments, and strategic gameplay elements.

These ten free tactical games for Android, similar to IGI, offer a variety of options for players looking for fast-paced action, strategic deliberation, and immersive gameplay. There is a game on this list to suit your preferences, whether you favor covert operations, sniper accuracy, or full-on gunfights.

You can take advantage of the thrills and difficulties of tactical gaming whenever and wherever you want by installing these games on your Android device. So get ready, lock and load, and head out on exhilarating missions in these first-rate IGI substitutes.

Thank you!

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